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Taj Gray Will Play in France

Taj Gray, who played on the Kings summer league team and was hoping to get a contract to come to training camp, has signed a deal to play in France for a year, according to the Wichita Eagle.

Gray will play for Cholet Basketball, along with American products J.K. Edwards (UNLV '03), Tyson Wheeler (Rhode Island '97) and Norman Richardson (Hofstra '01). Cholet is a town of 56,000 in northwest France, about 250 miles away from Paris. Gray will make $125,000 this year, according to the Eagle, with rent and transportation being taken care of.

I can think of much worse situations for a recent college grad. If only we could all play basketball in France for a year...

Congrats to Taj, and here's to hoping he gets a shot in the league. (Not to soon, though.)