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Michael Bibby's Experiments in Optimum Weight Levels, Year Two

Remember last season, when Mike Bibby tried to put on a bunch of muscle to become the toughest point guard in the league? Remember how that worked out? Well, after a horrible training camp and preseason, Bibby quickly tried to lose the weight he spent all summer building up by the start of the regular season. It took a bit longer than expected to get back to normal, and he wasn't any good until late November. Fun all around.

Well, Dr. Bibby is back at it. This time, however, he's losing weight to get quicker, according to the Sacramento Bee's Joe Davidson.

Bibby is 18 pounds lighter than he was in the postseason. He is down to 188 pounds, the lightest he has been since his college days at Arizona nine years ago. ... In short, Bibby wants to be quicker, more explosive -- and if there has been a knock on the man, it's that he hasn't been quick enough at first step. Bibby, who has a career average of 36.8 minutes per game, also seeks more stamina. He understands he will not become Tony Parker-quick, but he is making an offseason effort to keep up with the blur guards on the NBA circuit.

Everyone had an idea that a Mike Sweetney-like point guard was a bad idea. But how about the Shawn Bradley-type point guard? A little more intriguing, right?

One of Bibby's weaknesses last season was how soon he gave up going to the rack after not getting a few calls. With an extra half-step, if that's what this new body gets him, Bibby might force help sooner. If he does, he's more likely to find an open teammate or draw enough contact to get to the line. And that's good - he's a hell-of-a-shooter, but when he gets in the lane, he's a much more potent weapon. So yeah, color me intrigued.

(Also: Could he possibly just feel fat when he looks at his backcourt teammates Quincy Douby, Francisco Garcia, and Kevin Martin? Is Mike Bibby self-conscious? Would like work for Vitaly Potapenko, if we hired Maunte Bol or so?)