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Ballot Measures Finalized

Not without some extra drama, the "quality of life" measure got put on the ballot last night.

There's a bit of finalty now - no curveballs are going to make voting for the measures impossible now. (Except, um, not living in Sacramento County.)

I'm going to make a disclaimer: I don't live in Sacramento County. I live in Solano County. I don't work in Sacramento County. I work in San Francisco County. Right now, I don't spend a tremendous amount of time in Sacramento County, unless I'm at a Kings game, some sort of musical or theatrical event, or visiting Arden Fair, K Street Mall, or the Roseville Galleria. I also eat at a fine Sacramento dining establishment maybe once every month or two.

So I'm not going to be voting for or against the quality of life measures in November. I can't. But  I absolutely will be advocating the measures. Here's why:

  1. This measure affects much more than Sacramento County. It's true that they'll (you'll) be the ones paying for it, but it's also of biggest benefit to you. But it's not like people stop caring at the county line. Solano, Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, San Joaquin, Butte, Yuba - we all care. We all want to save our Kings.
  2. I'll be working in and probably living in Sacramento within a year. I'm a state worker. There are few state worker jobs not in Sacramento in my classification. I have one of them currently. Upon promotion, I'll likely have to go to a Sacramento-based agency. That's not a bad thing. I love Sacramento, and while I also love SF, I can't get wait to back to the River City. And it's not like I'm some out-of-town city kid swooping into Smalltown USA to get Candidate X elected - I went to school in Sac County, I had my wedding there (and all the services and goods for the wedding were bought in Sacramento), I do a good portion of my recreational shopping there.
So, yeah. I can't vote for the measures, though I would really like to. But if this were all a year or so later, I would be able to. So to make it up, I'm going to advocate for this thing. Hard. So if you're against the measures, you make get sick of me over the next three months. For that, I apologize.

But I don't apologize for advocating the measures, no matter where I live.

(So, was that melodramatic enough for you?)