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NEWSFLASH: Geoff Petrie Doesn't Want Your Crap

Chris Tomasson in The Rocky Mountain News reports that Bonzi Wells' agent is still beating the dead sign-and-trade horse.

William Phillips is putting Bonzi in danger of playing for the veteran exception if he keeps this up. I mean, you start at $7 million, then you slide to $5 million. How long before no one has the midlevel left and you're making $1.5 million?

Phillips thinks Geoff Petrie is going to take salary back in return just so Bonzi can get what he would've gotten in Sacramento, had he signed the damn deal. Petrie isn't going to take salary back to take salary back. Unless it's a player or two he wants, he's not pulling that trigger. There is obviously no love lost between the parties, no sentimentality clouding judgment. Petrie might even balk at helping Phillips even if something coming back could help. From what I've learned about Geoff Petrie over the past nine years, you don't dick around with the guy when you're depending on him.

Nothing currently on the Nuggets makes sense for the Kings. Reggie Evans may come the closest, but he wouldn't get paid nearly what Bonzi would under a sign-and-trade scenario. A third team would have to be involved if Bonzi is set on Denver and Denver is set on Bonzi. And as the last players get swiped up, Petrie will probably want a serviceable center to back up Brad Miller in return. How many cheap serviceable centers are out there for the taking?

Bonzi's agent is tainting our good memories of Bonzi's one season in town. And he's tainting Bonzi's future in the NBA. But doesn't all of this make Petrie look even more like a genius? It's kind of reassuring, knowing we have such a level-headed guy in charge.

So thank you for that, William Phillips.