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Open Thread, Team USA vs. Puerto Rico

It started a few minutes ago on ESPN2. USA started Paul/Wade/James/Anthony/Bosh. If Dwight Howard had started instead of Chris Bosh, every starter would have a last name that is also a fairly common first name. Fun.

Use this thread to discuss the game, with an obvious focus on Brad Miller, if he gets in the game.

Update [2006-8-4 10:56:14 by TZ]: Team USA absolutely took over on the back of Joe Johnson, Shane Battier, Elton Brand, and Brad Miller. B-52 scored 8 points in 10 minutes, and added three rebounds. No assists, turnovers, or blocks. Three for four from the field, with the miss being a three-point attempt. Two for two from the line. He looked very active on defense - he didn't change a whole lot of shots, but the effort was certainly there. That's more than we can say for stretches of last season. He looked a lot more fit and semi-agile, too.

As for the others: remember when I picked Battier over Bowen? It's looking possible. Battier was one of the best five Americans last night. Johnson was unbelievable; Antawn Jamison was beyond scrappy, which I've never seen from that guy. How about Gilbert Arenas's dive after a loose ball? Oh, and Dwyane Wade is the best player in the world right now. LeBron can catch up, but there's no one that can outplay Wade consistently out there. No one.