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All Chalk.

The US beat up on Germany and Greece took care of France, so the FIBA Final Four is set with the four best teams in the tourney.

Greece is the defending European champion. Argentina is the defending Olympic champion. Spain has beat Argentina nine straight times. The US has LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony. It's all chalk.

It should be a fantastic few days of basketball. I could see the US blowing out Greece, but I think all three games that matter that are left will be close contests. Greece is a team like Argentina and Spain are teams, but without the star players like Ginobili and Nocioni and Gasol and Calderon. But even the most strongly-bonded team is going to have trouble with the sheer talent and athleticism of Team USA.

What do you think? Is US-Greece a formality? Can the Greeks give the Americans a challenge?