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One Team's Trash is Another's Savior.

Everyone has now heard about Don Nelson's impending hiring as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, as Mike Montgomery got kicked to the curb.

The best coverage can be found over at Golden State of Mind - not just because of the break-neck analysis, but because of the glorious picture of Nellie sipping on some hyphy juice. Enjoy.

The first thing I thought when I heard the news was: Mario Elie is being groomed for the Warriors head coaching job. Nelson, at this age and this stage of his career, is a short-term solution, a rental to see if this personnel can get Oakland to the playoffs. The personnel is iffy for Nelson's system, in my opinion. It's funny, because count Golden State among the myriad teams that really need a dependable shooter. Give them Corey Maggette in place of Mike Dunleavy and then we'll talk. Can Chris Mullin bring a shooter to town? He hasn't made an interesting move since Baron Davis was brought in, so maybe he's saving up his mojo.

It's funny to me how Don Nelson was treated as the scourge of the earth when his name was immediately brought up in the wake of Rick Adelman's exit. I was right there, too. The fanbase would have revolted - hell, some of the players might have revolted. Thankfully, the Maloofs quickly said Nelson was not the type of guy they were looking for.

But look at Warriors fans. Most are ecstatic. Yeah, they have a history with Nellie - a relatively good history, when compared with PJ Carlesimo, Adelman, Eric Musselman, and now Montgomery. But they have a good history with Chris Mullin, too, and I don't see a whole lot of fan confidence in the GM. A lot of it might be sheer relief that Monty is gone. Note to front offices: If you want fan acceptance of your new coach, hire him IMMEDIATELY after firing your old, unpopular coach.

I don't think this makes the Warriors a playoff team this year. Nellie needs to get in there and help mold this roster. Troy Murphy probably needs to go in favor of a inside-oriented four, or to make room for Ike Diogu. Mike Dunleavy needs to do something, Mike Pietrus needs to improve his game skills, and Patrick O'Bryant needs to develop really, really fast. That's not going to happen this year, and the team clearly did not improve itself in the offseason.

The Warriors aren't making the playoffs.