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Sprewell didn't hate PJ Carlesimo. He had the hots for him.

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Disturbing story out of Milwaukee. Latrell Sprewell is being accused of choking a woman while making love. That's completely shocking. I would never believe Spree could ever choke someone. Truly shocking.

This does put a whole new spin on the PJ Carlesimo incident, though, doesn't it? Spree obviously has a asphyxiation fetish. So when he grabbed ole PJ by the neck, he was just really turned on. No harm intended, just love. Straight from Spree's heart. And loins.

By the way, this happened on Sprewell's yacht. Of course, the last time Spree's yacht was in the news, it was because it got stuck in Lake Michigan and authorities had to yank it out. The time before that? It was because Sprewell punched a guy whose girlfriend barfed on board, which resulted in a broken hand and six weeks on the injured list.

That yacht is, like, haunted or something. And how long is it until new Buck Ruben Patterson gets one of his own? Ladies of Wisconsin - stay indoors.