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Gilbert Arenas is not your yes man.

Damn. Gilbert Arenas blew up on Jerry Colangelo and the Team USA program in the Washington Post, saying he didn't get a fair try-out and that the powers-that-are knew who their roster was going to be from the beginning. He also insinuates that he was pushed out with the groin as an excuse, not as a genuine concern.

Arenas is pissed enough that he essentially just forced himself out of consideration for Beijing 2008. This quote is the kicker:

You are there to support your team and support your country and be happy to play but you know, I did everything they wanted me to do; but if I did everything they wanted me to do, why am I on the bubble of getting cut? I sacrificed. You've got LeBron being LeBron. You've got Carmelo being Carmelo. You've got D-Wade being D-Wade. Why can't I be me? Why do I have to transform? I did that and now you are going to cut me?

And this one isn't going to help:

... he sensed that he was not a part of Coach Mike Krzyzewski's plans, saying, "I think I was the only person he didn't talk to the whole time we were out there."


If I'm a Wizards fan (and actually, that's my Eastern team of choice - remember, I was born in Baltimore), I am 100 percent thrilled at this development. Arenas already has a huge chip on his shoulder from being a second-round pick, from getting initially snubbed-then-subbed into this year's All-Star game despite averaging damn near 30 a game. And now this? Jesus. Get the TiVo ready for the first Cavs-Zards game of the season; Gilly might take 60 shots.

If this is true - that Colangelo told Gilly he was about to be cut, that Coach K never once talked with Arenas, that the try-out process was more of a charade than it appeared to be, then I'm glad Arenas spoke out. With Kobe, Redd, and Pierce likely coming back for 2008, plus the continued elevation of Wade, LeBron, and Melo - Arenas should just walk away. He and Allen Iverson and Mike Bibby and Ron Artest and, hell, Bruce Bowen should get citizenship in some basketball-challenged country (Canada? Iceland? Monaco?) and get that nation qualified for 2008, then beat the hell out of the Americans with some sort of crazy vengeance. Tell me you wouldn't pay to see that - the pissed-off Olympic snubs versus The Chosen 12. Mayhem. Just mayhem.

Update [2006-8-31 11:21:20 by TZ]: Skeets and MJD are less amused by this story than I.