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Blog Day 2006

Today is Blog Day 2006. I didn't know about this until, like, 45 seconds ago. Ok, now it's about 55 seconds. I read it at Celtics Blog. It sounds like a neat idea. (70 seconds.) The idea is to help promote newer, smaller, different blogs to your own audience. So I've decided to promote some of my favorite Sacramento-based blogs. (I also have unsolid plans to add these blogs to a section of my blogroll down on the lower right. Oh, and 120 seconds.)

  • Sacramento Land(ing) is the best local real estate blog. I'm pretty dumb about real estate in general, and I've been trying to educate myself over the last year or so. SL(ing) has definitely helped a ton.
  • The Sac Rag is the snarkiest collection of Sacramento minds on the Web. That snark is usually great - except when it's bashing the arena proposal. Which is like everyday now. So, um, don't read The Rag until after November 7, OK?
  • Arranging Matches is run by frequent Sactown Royalty commenter Carl. Along with excellent analysis of the Kings and various Sacramento and tech topics, Carl also takes some great vacation photographs. Like, stunning. In particular, the Seattle/Vancouver sets are excellent.
  • Uneasy Rhetoric is written by John. He writes about everything that is Sacramento, and in particular downtown, midtown, wine, and creating a livable, walkable, bikeable community. A great blog stick in your RSS reader - John makes every post count.
  • The Barnesyard is about movies, mostly. The writer really likes movies. And he's really smart. And he always has lists of best movies in a certain genre, or best directors of an indeterminate time period, and other things. He also goes to some Kings game, and provides the insight you could get from going to the arena.
So today, read a blog you've never read before. It's amazing what's out there.

(420 seconds, at least.)