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Preseason Schedule Set

The preseason schedule came out a few days ago. Here it is (all times Pacific; home games played in Arco in bold):

Oct. 12 (Thursday) - at Dallas, 5:30p
Oct. 17 (Tuesday) - vs LA Lakers (in Las Vegas), 7p
Oct. 19 (Thursday) - at Phoenix, 7p
Oct. 20 (Friday) - vs Utah, 7p
Oct. 22 (Sunday) - vs NOOCH (in Reno), 5p
Oct. 24 (Tuesday) - vs NOOCH, 7p
Oct. 25 (Wednesday) - at Seattle, 7p
Oct. 27 (Friday) - vs Portland, 7p

Thank god Fresno isn't on there. What a disaster that was last year. I'm glad they didn't replace it with Madera or Visalia.

I wonder when Stockton's new arena is going to get a Kings preseason game, or a Monarchs game. I definitely see the reason for Reno - that's Kings country, too - and of course the Lakers in Vegas are somewhat of a budding tradition. But what about Stockton, or say Chico? There are lots of Northern Californian fans that could be reached out to.

It'll be good to see the Hornets twice early on, even if it's preseason. Get the Peja/BoJax pleasantries out of the way and try once again to get a handle on Chris Paul. Otherwise, this schedule is pretty bland. Teams don't start trying to really incorporate their rotation until the last two games of preseason, and the Kings draw the two squads who picked #10 and #4 in the draft, respectively. I don't think Seattle or Portland will be contending for a playoff spot this year.