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Brad Miller is The Hoff of China

Brad Miller is big in China:

During the break, Shane Battier and Brad Miller went with a few USA Basketball and NBA staffers to a local electronic store to find some deals. Unfortunately, the mere presence of Battier and Miller led to a very chaotic situation in the store. Each was followed around the store by autograph and photo seekers. Flash bulbs were flashing all over the place. It became unmanageable so NBA security escorted the players back to the hotel.

Brad Miller loves those electronic stores! But he's not just big in public - he's big on the foreign court, too!

"... the U.S. offense was fueled by 14 points from Brad Miller (Sacramento Kings) who shot 5-of-5 overall and made all three of his 3-point tries."


Team USA also beat Brazil this morning in a close exhibition game, 90-86. Somewhere, Chris Sheridan is beaming. Brazil is a top five team in the world, so I'm just glad the Americans - who have been a "team" for less than a month and had two games and a scrimmage under their belt - pulled it off. No box scores as of yet. But judging by the score, it was either a much slower-paced game (second game in a row after a transpacific flight) or the shooting/ball-handling was not so good. We'll see.