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Take a pill, cynical Sacramento.

So the last few weeks have slowly bled the life out of the ballot measure hopes. Anyone who thought this was going to be easy is probably in a catatonic state reading The Bee every morning. It's been an unmitigated disaster.

Remember a few weeks ago, when a Bee staffer solicited name suggestions for the new arena? We played along, tongue firmly in cheek. Sacramento, well, didn't.

We expected a couple of "Taj Maloof" cracks - some people just aren't that original. But holy god!

Pate-de-Fois Cramatorium: "Since the Maloofs are trying to shove this ugly tax burden down our collective throats."
--  Thom Cate, Sacramento

What, are the Maloofs standing outside your door threatening to shove a turkey baster in a very uncomfortable place if you refuse to promise to vote yes? I doubt it. No one is forcing you to do anything. In democracies, we vote on sh*t. No one will make you vote yes, no one will make you vote no. Your own conscience and beliefs are all that can really guide you. Playing the victim because there's a GD ballot measure that needs voter approval is bullsh*t.
Arena Ridiculous-O: "Isn't it ridiculous that families who can barely afford food and clothes should be asked to pay more sales tax to help build a new and bigger arena which they will most likely never see from the inside?
-- Erma Chitty, Carmichael

Yeah, it sucks that poverty exists in America. Not just the homeless population, but the presence of the working poor is a huge stain on our economic system. It's a problem, and it needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, our Congresscritters and Senators couldn't get a federal minimum-wage increase passed, and the jury is still out on the state bill. And raising minimum wage doesn't fix everything. What about those without jobs, or those forced to work under the table due to immigration laws? What about our veterans, who despite their incredible sacrifices in wars forgotten get treated like second-class citizens by the government they fought for? It's a tragedy. That said, this measure has nothing to do with those issues. Resolutions to help the mom who can barely afford food and clothes are not up for vote; they're assumedly being worked on eternally behind closed doors. If a measure were up to help fund job training or housing assistance for the poor, I would vote for it in an instance. But that's not the issue we're dealing with on these particular ballot measures in Sacramento on Nov. 7. We're dealing with the future of recreation and economic development in downtown Sacramento. Do not pretend Kings fans and other proponents of the arena are ignoring the plight of our less-fortunate neighbors. To do so is irresponsible, distasteful, and, well, bullsh*t.

Maloofs' Madness: "I certainly hope it doesn't pass, and if it does I plan to make all my purchases outside of Sacramento."
-- Joan Hunnicutt, Citrus Heights

Now there's someone being reasonable! Yeah, by driving from Citrus Heights to Placer County, you will save a whole 75 cents on a $100 purchase. (If you did this now, you'd save 50 cents.) Of course, the third-of-a-gallon of gas you use to make that trip... that'll be cheap. Yeah... Bullsh*t.

I wish opponents would stop being fake and would just say: I don't care about the Kings, I don't care about downtown, I hate the Maloofs because they're billionaire playboys, I'm cynical, I hate taxes, I hate tax increases, I hate politics, leave me alone, LOUD NOISES AHHH! At least then maybe we could get all the damn hatred out of the way and start listening to each other.

And more than that? I wish people who are going to support the measures would stand up to these bullies and defend the plan and the goal: to revitalize downtown and keep the Kings in Sacramento. You don't have to think the plan is perfect. But if we weren't all too cool for school, maybe we could fight off this attempt to behead the plan before it gets a fair shake in front of voters in November.