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Kings Country

Like many here, my following of the Kings was generated as much by my geography as anything else. The Kings were on the radio, and that's who I heard. The Kings were in the paper. If it was about hoops, it was about the Sacramento Kings. Yet for the last decade-plus, I've lived in the Bay Area, and strongly resisted any pull, at all, to gain interest in the Golden State Warriors - not just because they are so consistently bad and uninteresting, but because they're not the Kings I was raised with. Even if I moved 3,000 miles away, I would check in with the Kings and Sactown Royalty.

But as we know, especially with the arena issue on the table (and on the floor, and the wall, and a little in our neighbor's yard), a team's geography can shift - whether it be city blocks, or miles, or even full states (cross fingers, knock on wood, wish on a star, etc. that we don't see this...) And for those of us who double down as A's fans, we've seen the territorial battles over the last few years concerning whether the A's can indeed move - to Fremont, to San Jose, to Santa Clara, or what have you.

All that has got me thinking. Where does the territorial barrier for the Kings start and end? How far North? To the Oregon border? What about South? How far do we extend until it's acceptable to be a Laker or a Clipper fan (In a theoretical sense, it's never actually approved)? And to the West, is it Suisun/Fairfield where Warrior country officially kicks in? And what about Las Vegas? Is that Kings territory or the Suns? Nobody?

  • Just what defines Kings Country?
  • Where did you live when you first became a fan?
  • Do you still live in Kings Country?