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Bonzi Fires His Agent

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I missed this Sunday, but sources say Bonzi Wells fired his agent, according to Sam Amick at the Sacramento Bee.

Even if all this was Bonzi's fault - which it could've been - William Phillips had to take the fall. Unless Phillips decides he never wants to represent an athlete again, we'll never find out whether it was Bonzi consciously walking away from $8 million a year or if it was Phillips assuring and reassuring Bonzi that there was bigger money out there for him.

Whichever the case, both lost. Wells isn't getting more than what the Kings offered and Phillips isn't getting a commission. Somewhere in that relationship, the trust has been destroyed and there was no doubt the partnership would end. Hoepfully, both land on their feet.

This doesn't mean anything for the Kings, I don't think. Wells still doesn't make sense to return. A new agent may try to sign-and-trade again, but Geoff Petrie really doesn't seem to want to take back anything unless he can lose some salary in the process. And seemingly being set at every position complicates things further - the Kings really don't need anything unless they decide to move an already-signed player.