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This is where I draw the line.

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I have done nothing but be supportive of the Maloofs in their quest for a new local arena. I have shilled, shilled, shilled, shilled, shilled, and shilled for the thing. Hell, last November, when the arena issue wasn't even on the front page, I was trying to find some hope that the Kings will stay.

While myself and countless other diehard, purple-bleeding, ready-to-fight fans - including those at KHTK - have done everything we could to change minds and convince Sacramentans that this is a great plan, what have the Maloofs and the county done? Continue to bicker. Continue to haggle. Continue to throw doubts in places where none are needed.

How can the Maloofs expect us to sit here and continuously endorse this plan, no qualms or misgivings aired, when every week a story pops out shrouding the goal in smoke? I know at least of the main PR guys behind the campaign reads Sactown Royalty, so I have to ask: why has this campaign been such a disaster? Are the Maloofs untameable? What is going on?

I can't sit here and yell and scream about how this plan is perfect for Sacramento. Not when the people behind it can't do the same.

I've been the fool long enough.