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Mario Elie Leaves Golden State

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Mario Elie is leaving Golden State, according to Marcus Thompson II in the Contra Costa Times.

I hadn't heard rumblings of this, and it seems huge to me. It does nothing but reinforce the Warriors front office ineptitude. They have a highly sought-after young assistant on their bench. They have a head coach they're going to fire. So they hire... a 70-year-old who will give you three years, maybe the playoffs, and that's it. I'm not saying Mario Elie gets them to the championship, but what's better for the long-term - a good, expensive, old rental coach or a good, cheap, young coach for the future? Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Elie will have a head coaching gig by this time next year. And it will not be with the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State of Mind is taking guesses on where Elie will end up. Houston sounds reasonable, if Jeff Van Gundy can't make a run.