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Happy early Birthday, Bonzi.

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Bonzi turns 30 years old in a week. He's actually one of the more athletic 30-year-olds in the league - he's had his injuries, and he's not exactly a gazelle in the open floor, but not many other aging shooting guard have as much spring or willingless to get physical.

What did Bonzi get himself for his birthday? He got Vince Carter's agent, Merle Scott, to replace the inept William Phillips. And Scott is working to get Bonzi signed, perhaps in Houston, as reported by the Houston Chronicle at the above link.

Someone needs to start keeping track of which teams have trade exceptions, because I had no idea Houston holds one worth $4.2 million. What's a trade exception? It means that even though both Houston and Sacramento are over the cap, Sacramento can sign Bonzi for $4.2 million, and trade him to Houston for a draft pick. Or, the Kings could sign Bonzi for, say, $5 million, and trade him to Houston for a guy making $800,000. You see? This trade exception would allow the Kings to "get something" for free agent Bonzi will not taking on salary this season that puts them in peril of hitting the luxury tax, which they are perilously close to currently.

This also allows Bonzi to make a little more money than if he just had to take the remaining $2 million and change Houston has on their annual mid-level exception.

Taking a 2007 or 2008 draft pick, or the rights to a cheap or overseas player, is a plus for the Kings. You can't really have too many draft picks - there will always be a taker. And there's no one Houston would likely give up I think Geoff Petrie wants right now, so that may just be theoryball.

It's obviously a win for Bonzi - he gets more money AND gets to go to a good team. And Houston gets a bonafide third banana, and adds some depth around oft-injured Tracy McGrady and shooting-focused Shane Battier. Tell me that's not a team you'd be petrified to face in May. Plus, $4 million in salary and a draft pick is pretty cheap for a dude like Bonzi, especially when he'd fit into the starting lineup with Rafer Alston, McGrady, Battier, and Yao Ming pretty nicely.

Training camp is periously close. Bonzi has to land somewhere soon - like within a week. Why not on his birthday?

(I think Charlotte has the second-best chance. They have more than enough cap space, they're a bit under the minimum salary threshold, and they actually need depth at shooting guard. Not rocket science.)