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Training Camp Roster, 9/20

Stories are going to start popping up about who is on the Kings training camp roster. So this first post will just address who we know is going to be in town.

Mike Bibby
Kevin Martin
John Salmons
Francisco Garcia
Quincy Douby
Jason Hart
Ronnie Price
Pooh Jeter

Ron Artest
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Kenny Thomas
Corliss Williamson
Louis Amundson

Brad Miller
Vitaly Potapenko
Loren Woods
Justin Williams

That's 17 players. In the past, Geoff Petrie has liked to bring in 20 players to begin camp. Typically, they are guys from the summer league team that didn't get guaranteed money to attend another team's camp or haven't signed an overseas deal. Four centers is enough, and eight guards is damn well enough. I'd guess Petrie and Eric Musselman  will want to add a few forwards, so I'd guess the last three spots will go toward that position.

So who fits into that category?

Christian Maraker seems like a no-brainer, if he isn't getting money elsewhere. Cal product Rod Benson probably translate to a forward in the NBA, so he's a solid guess. Fellow Golden Bear Sean Lampley could get the nod, as well.

Taj Gray would be a shoe-in if he didn't sign a deal to play in France. And if the center position wasn't filled with guaranteed contracts already, Yemi Nicholson would deserve a look.

It shouldn't matter, because it's highly (HIGHLY!) unlikely any of these players will get a sniff of the roster. All those players are trying to do is make a good impression, so they can maybe get a 10-day contract with someone sometime this season, or get a chance next summer. They're playing for their basketball futures, not necessarily for that roster spot on the Kings this season. (Louis Amundson, Justin Williams, Pooh Jeter - those guys are the ones playing for a roster spot this season. And only one is likely to get one. Early money on Amundson.)