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Bonzi in Miami Isn't Dead Yet

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Even though Bonzi Wells is meeting with Charlotte today, don't count out Miami just yet, says Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The Heat don't make sense to me, though. Adding Bonzi would give the team three starting-caliber offensive-minded wing players (Dwyane Wade, Antoine Walker, Bonzi) and one quality wing role player/defender (James Posey). Unless your coach is Mike Fratello, four guys aren't going to get enough minutes at two positions, especially when one of the players in one of the three best players in the NBA. Posey would probably get squeezed out.

Bonzi does fill needs in Charlotte and Houston, though. Charlotte can offer the most money, followed by Miami's full mid-level and Houston's $4.2 million. So, Charlotte would make the most sense, right?

We'll see, probably by next week.