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John Hollinger on the Kings Offseason

John Hollinger, a favorite pundit of mine, calls Sacramento an offseason loser in the New York Sun:

I understood the part about not wanting Bonzi Wells back. I wouldn't want him back either, especially with his insane contract demands, surly attitude, and a waiting replacement in Kevin Martin.

The part I don't get is why they used his salary slot to sign a mediocrity like John Salmons. Five years at nearly the full midlevel exception for a guy who could barely stay in Philly's rotation? And by doing so the Kings gave up a chance to sign-and-trade Wells and get something more lucrative in return. As an added demerit, I though the firing of Rick Adelman was rash: He still had the players' respect and was winning games.

We'll see on Salmons. Could two Colangelos and a Petrie be wrong about the guy? He wasn't exactly in the best situation in Philadelphia, and he's young enough to improve. Plus, he's versatile, which is this team's budding identity. But, he could also be a huge bust and an albatross. Again, we'll see.

On Adelman: Hollinger is wrong. RA did not have the respect of the players any longer. How many players came to the coach's defense as the season ended? For crying out loud, Ron Artest had to call a timeout in an important April game against Phoenix because the Suns were chopping the Kings third-quarter lead down. The team won last season because Ron-Ron kicked them in the ass and got everyone motivated to compete. How could you not be motivated when a superstar like that is hitting the floor every third possession?

Rick Adelman should've been fired in December, and he certainly shouldn't have gotten a go at the 2006-07 season, unless Mike Bibby and Brad Miller were traded out.