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David Thorpe on Kevin Martin

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In an chat today, hoops guru and friend of SR answers some questions about Kevin Martin:

chris (Sacramento, CA): I've read that you train Kevin Martin. Do you think he'll start here, and how will he do?

David Thorpe: I've always stressed to Kevin to "expect nothing from anyone else, and everything from yourself". He'll have to earn his minutes and starts, but I like his chances. He was very impressive this summer-the best I've ever seen him. Now he has to follow it up on the court. The Kings will be very good this year if he can perform to his potential. ...

MC Welk (SLC): True or False: Kevin Martin leads the Kings in scoring this year?

David Thorpe: False-Bibby will. But ask me again next year and I'll probably say true. One NBA exec told me this summer that he thinks "Speedracer" will average 25ppg in this league within 2 years.

I don't know what I'm more excited about - that Thorpe referenced the "Speedracer" moniker we started here at SR or that an NBA exec thinks Speed scores 25 a game within two seasons!

If you're an Insider, check out the balance of the chat - Thorpe has some great insights on lots of other young players. (He says the Lakers can win a title within three years.)