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New Arena = Officially Dead

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When Tab Berg, a respected Sacramento political consultant, says that Measure R - the 15-year quarter-cent sales tax designed to fund a new arena and more - "believes the arena effort can't be salvaged" and it's an understatement, well then, it's over.

The results of Berg's poll?

MEASURE Q (Advisory measure to fund arena and other projects)
OPPOSE     45

MEASURE R (Sales tax measure)
OPPOSE     62

What a disaster. Absolute disaster.

Thomas Enterprises is wasting its money by throwing it at the pro campaign at this late stage. The Maloofs would do well to hold a press conference to tell fans they're going to work on a deal for the next county ballot. (This letter to the fans isn't quite the right note - no one will ever feel sorry for billionaires. Ever.)

The ship has sunk. Let's just focus on the season to come now. Screw this politics crap.