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Charlotte-Golden State Rumor Cooking

Our friends at Golden State of Mind are hearing murmurs of what would be a blockbuster of sorts: Mike Dunleavy and Mickael Pietrus to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace and Melvin Ely. Charlotte would then sign Bonzi Wells.

This would be a coup - an absolute coup! - for Chris Mullin and company. It wouldn't be a horrible move for Charlotte, except you would now have two starters-in-a-pinch at small forward, a start-for-sure at the two, and a highly-touted, possibly ready rookie at the two. Dunleavy is signed for quite a while, so unless you can flip him, he's your small forward of the "future." If Bonzi is a one-year rental, then Adam Morrison comes off the bench this season. Mickael Pietrus could then one of the few decent players coming off their rookie contract to be a free agent. It makes for an interesting 2007 offseason in Carolina, whatever the case.

Golden State gets a decent backup big man and one of three most versatile swingmen in the game in G-Dub. I don't need to sing the praises of Wallace to Kings fans - I have no doubt we've all watched very intently as Gerald has become Kirilenko-lite for the Bobcats.

I hope this deal does not go down. Vehemently.