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R.I.P. Kevin Martin's Fade?

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So I saw a new Good Feet commercial last night.

For those of you outside the Sacramento area, Good Feet is a shop that sells arch supports and other similar items. Peja Stojakovic has been the spokesman for years. Actually, I think the exact same Peja Good Feet commercial has been running for, like, six years now. It's actually indecipherable, except that at the end, Peja says "Everybody needs-a Good Feet." He sounds very... Slavic.

Fast-forward to last night. It's a Good Feet commercial, it has a bearded Peja, and it has... Kevin Martin. But not just any Kevin Martin. A Kevin Martin without his trademark fade! It's not The Fresh Prince of Land Park! Speedracer still has hair - it's just short and not early 90s.

At first thought, this was awful. That fade was damn near trademark, and Martin was surely going to ride that 'do to fame.

But remember Kobe Bryant's fro? He chopped that off and went from slam dunk champ to NBA champ. Like the fro, the fade is fun. But it's all business now. ALL business.

We were too slow-witted to TiVo the damn thing for upload, but we're keep our eyes out for it and those of you who are tech-inclined will do the same. The world needs to see the new, all-business Kevin Martin. (Also, maybe the last Sacramento ad featuring Peja? A true changing of the guard. Kind-of like Jason Hart taking over Folsom Lake Ford spots for Bobby Jackson last season. And yes, I just vomited in my mouth.)