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Ron-Ron's World.

It's a bizarre world Ron Artest lives in. But I think most of us in Sacramento are happy to cohabitate with him, for the time being.

The biggest question since the The Trade has been how long that warm-and-fuzzy, life-is-grand, God-bless-Ron-Ron feeling would last. How long can Sacramento peacefully exist inside of Ron-Ron's world?

Our time may be running out.

As the season comes up, so to does the release of Ron-Ron's rap album, "My World." In fact, the release date for "My World" is October 31. The opening game of the NBA season for the Kings is, um, November 1 in Minnesota.

We've obtained a copy of the one-sheet for "My World." (A one-sheet is a promo sheet that goes out with an artist's CD, outlining key information about promotion plans, which tracks will be singles, etc.) We've posted the "My World" one-sheet here for your perusal.

Allow us to hit the key points, though:

  • Like we said, the album drops October 31, one day before the Kings' regular season begins.
  • The first single, Fever, is apparently being heard. (I can't find it, though I don't regularly attend mix shows or listen to much hip hop FM radio.) The B-side to Fever is, um, called Working the Pole. I wonder what that's about.
  • The promotional tour for the record looks like it will hit several cities. No word if Sacramento is included. This will assumedly happen in the preseason and the beginning of the regular season, though no dates are given.
  • An appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly is in the works. Yeah.
I'm not going to get on a soapbox. Ron-Ron is a big boy. He should know his own priorities. If his priorities during the first month of the season are music-related, well, then, what the hell are we as Ron-the-baller fans and Kings fans going to do?

I'd rather him appear on Regis and Kelly than get suspended for 70 games for wiling out on the court, that's for sure.