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The Jet Gets Hitched, Will Have Very Toothy Babies

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Kenny "The Jet" Smith, one of our favorite ex-Kings here at Sactown Royalty, just got hitched. He's 41, his wife is 28. She's a model/actress. Snow Dogs is her biggest Hollywood credit. So, she's a model.

The glorious nupitals drew Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, and every working dentist in the southwest.

Those poor babies are going to have 2 inches of gums and 3 inches of teeth. At least they'll have the inside track on the part of Black Joker in 2020's "Black Batman and Robin." Can't wait for that.

In all seriousness, though: Congrats, Kenny. Your hi-top fade will always live on in our hearts. Hey, you're even #14 on our Sactown Greatest list. (By the way, I've heard a rumor that lazy-ass TZ may actually get working on this list again sometime soon. Just a rumor, though.)