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Ron Artest, A Humble Man.

I'm just going to slip this in without comment:

I'm playing pretty well this year. I hurt my back and the Sacramento papers are saying, "Ron Artest isn't that good of a scorer." People are looking past the fact that I was hurt. When I get back in shape, people will see. The last three games I've been averaging 25 a game. People are looking past the fact that I got a hurt back and hurt knees. I feel much better. I'm attacking the hole now. My knees are making me feel uncomfortable but I'm slowly coming back and my dominance on defense and offense are coming back. God willing, if I stay injury-free, people are going to see one of the most dominant players in the league.

Like last night, when you shot 4-14 and LeBron James went for 24 in the second half, almost all those points coming when you were on him?

The most dominant players in the league don't make excuses. Why? They don't have to.

(Thanks to SLAM's Sam Rubenstein, who has a hilarious take on this, as well.)