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Ron-Ron's Album Has Sold 1,000 Copies. Seriously.

Ron Artest's debut album My World has sold only 1,000 copies, according to's Sam Alipour.

I only listened to "Fever," the debut single which never got picked up by any reputable outlet (as far as I can tell). Hip hop isn't exactly my genre of choice anyways, and hip hop by basketball players are never exactly been listenable in the past.

Despite current objections to Ron's behavior, I almost feel bad for him, just because it seems like he put his soul into the project and got so geeked up about being taken seriously in the rap game. Obviously, this is a repudation of those artisitic goals, and that's humbling and sad. No one should be laughed at for trying something new.

However, I really hope you guys have some good one-liners for me.