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I Don't Like To Criticize Referees, But Seriously - Screw You Dan Crawford. Screw you.

What an awful, awful call. Terrible. Not even the biggest New York homer fan in his living room saw that play unfold and thought, "Hmm. That looks like an illegal screen." What a simply ridiculous, incredible, insane, bullsh*t call.

I have other thoughts, but I just finished racing through the game and this could not wait. The Kings may still have lost, but I really would've liked to see them get a chance to win. Simply stupid.

Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds ended up defending the call after the game, saying Corliss Williamson was clearly out-of-bounds on the screen. So? You think David Stern wasn't his games to be decided by Dan F*cking Crawford on a judgement call that wouldn't be called 99 times out of 100 in a game with 30 lead changes? Are you kidding me?

Bullsh*t. Bullsh*t. Bullsh*t.