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Kevin Martin = Good. Shocking, I know.

We've all been crowing about Kevin Martin getting the ball more on offense, so I tracked the Kings first quarter closely, to see how his teammates worked with him. Of course, I picked the game in which Martin was the de-facto point guard in the first quarter.

11:20 - Martin 3, left corner, assist Bibby. Was this Bibby's only assist in the game? The box score says Bibby had 3, but this was the only one which stood out.
11:02 - Turnover, top of the key. Martin forced it here, trying to get around Jared Jeffries, who is an excellent defender at 6'10.
10:10 - Passes out of double-team, Bibby misses badly. A good decision to get it over to Bibby, who performed worse than Paris Hilton in Ashland.
9:59 - Ball-fake, made 18-footer. It's amazing that a guy who pulls the ball from his hip can pump-fake the pants off an NBA player.
8:37 - Martin 3 off Taylor screen, after pump fake over Richardson, no assist. Another pump fake, another score. After Taylor sets the screen, everyone else can sit around and watch.
8:00-6:30 - Three straight left post feeds to Shareef (4 pts for Shareef, 2 for Taylor on Oreb). I haven't seen Mike Bibby feed the post cleanly this many times in a row all season. This string of plays seems like it was called in from the sidelines, so a big A+ for Musselman there.
4:45 - Near turnover on give-and-go w/ Artest, left elbow. The Kings got the ball right back, so it doesn't even look like Martin or Artest got charged with the turnover. Spacing was bad on the play.
4:37 - Fouled off Artest screen shooting from 18, right elbow, hits both. This is the most underrated part of Martin's game: he draws fouls like he's Shaq 2001.
3:57-2:05 - Feed Shareef in the post four straight times (5 pts, 1 turnover). Again, a series of low block opportunities for Shareef, with Martin getting the ball to him in great position cleanly every single time. The Knicks eventually figured out the pattern, and the Kings didn't go back to the play until the end of the fourth quarter.
1:37 - Dribble drive, left elbow, made 15-footer. Flawless shot off the dribble, no hesitation, no lack of confidence.

RESULTS: 7 possessions used, 12 points, 4-4 FG, 2-2 3P, 2-2 FT. Kings lead by 4.

Kevin Martin is BY FAR the best offensive weapon this team has got. When you use him, your offense looks good! When you send him to a corner to wait for kick-outs, your offense looks poor. I wish I could say it were rocket science, because that'd make me look smarter. But it's not, it's really not. Everyone sees it. Hopefully, Musselman/Bibby/Artest see it now, too.

(Don't worry, I'll get to Justin Williams before long.)