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I'm Mad

I'm mad.

Not because the Kings lost for the seventh straight time.

Not because the Kings watched an average Toronto team score 36 points in the fourth quarter.

Not because Sacramento's offense was possibly the ugliest display of execution since Anne Boleyn.

Not because there wasn't one bright spot among the youngsters, from Kevin Martin to Justin Williams to Quincy Douby.

Not because of Jose Calderon's smarmy Europeanness.

Not because of Andrea Bargnani's eyebrows.

Not because Sacramento now has the seventh worst record in the league.

Not because only two Western Conference teams - Seattle and Memphis - have worse records than the Kings.

Not because bitter division rival Golden State pulled the trigger on a massive trade to shake things up, not satisfied with ninth-place in the conference, while Sacramento continues to stick with the same ineffectual roster.

Not because Sacramento has a better point differential than both Golden State and the Clippers, yet sits numerous games behind them in the standings due to numerous close losses.

Not because despite this disaster, Sacramento still has only an 18.3% chance of getting one of the top three picks in the 2007 NBA Draft (and thus a chance at Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, or Joakim Noah).

Why am I mad? I'll tell you why I'm mad.


What has the world come to?