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Artest Joins Atlanta Vision

To be honest, I didn't see this coming.

It was announced yesterday that the Atlanta Vision of the ABA have added Artest to provide the team with physical front-court depth, delivering the aggressiveness and competitive play the team needs to win.

Amidst all the Maggette talks last month, I didn't once hear the Vision come up. Maybe it's one of those physical limitations about Vision relating to sight and all that, but I digress...

Why wasn't this covered more broadly in the mainstream press? It turns out the Vision wasn't after our Ron-Ron, but instead, they signed his younger brother, the less-heralded, and just a tad heavier to the tune of 25 pounds, Daniel Artest. Daniel Artest had signed to play for the Saarlouis Royals in Germany in the fall of 2006, but he has returned to the states to pound the rock and make an impression on those at the highest levels of hoops. TZ even suggested last May that picking up Daniel Artest could help the Kings... and honestly, I can't see much that could bring the team further down right now.

In this time of unacceptable basketball stench eminating from Sacramento, why not bring in a player whose sole ties to the pro game are through DNA? It couldn't hurt ticket sales, and it's not like we could have lost even more games than we have in the last seven...