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Open Source Rebuilding: Submit Your Trade Proposals

NOTE: Scroll down for the Detroit game recap and game threads... if you dare.

Most of us are sitting around, waiting for Geoff Petrie's big shake-up. The games still matter, and it's not fun rooting against your team for a higher draft pick. We still love this team and want this team to win. But everyone sees the writing on the wall - Sacramento must make major changes to be able to compete in this league.

Instead of sitting on our hands in anticipation, let's help out. Over the next couple weeks, we'll come up with trade proposals, discuss the reasonable ones, and cheer on the best.

In this first step, we'll be compiling a list of reasonable trade proposals. Here are the rules:

  1. The trade must work out within the NBA's rules. The best way to accomplish this: Use ESPN's Trade Machine. With your trade proposal, include the URL from the Trade Machine page so we all know we're dealing with legal trades.
  2. Be reasonable. In order to keep the thread clean, I'll delete ridiculous ideas.
  3. Comment on specific proposals by clicking 'reply to this', in order to keep things in order.
I'll keep this post at the top, so fire away. Sometime next week, we'll move on to narrowing our favorite ideas down to a manageable few to perfect.

Let's get cracking!