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Kevin Watch: How's That 20 at .500/.400/.900 Club Looking?

We've stated a couple times this season that Kevin Martin is threatening to join the exclusive club of 20-point scorers who shoot .500 from the field, .400 from three, and .900 from the free throw line. The only member of that club is Larry Bird, who did it twice (scoring 27 ppg in the process).

Martin has flirted with the mark all season. He's still flirting with it, with a third of the season gone. Right now, Martin is shooting .499 from the field, .441 from three, and .909 from the line, and averaging 21.6 ppg. (If Kevin hits his next field goal attempt, he'll be at .500 exactly.)

Martin isn't the only guy with a chance to enter the club this year, though. Steve Nash, who got the requisite shooting marks without topping 20 ppg the last two seasons, is on the verge, averaging 20.6 ppg on .532/.517/.889 shooting.

The fact that Kevin Martin is in this conversation speaks volumes about the sheer consistency he shows out there.