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Open Source Rebuilding: Narrowing the Choices

After a ton of great suggestions on how to go about this rebuilding thing, let's start to narrow down the possibilities.

Here's a list of the proposals I think make sense for all teams involved:

  1. Artest for Dorrell Wright and James Posey (submitted by TZ)
  2. Kirilenko to SAC, Artest to LAC, Maggette + Corliss to UTA (submitted by bballblog)
  3. Artest + Hart for Rashard Lewis (submitted by ridnour8)
  4. Artest + Potapenko for Richard Jefferson (submitted by Deleran)
  5. Brad + Corliss for Jermaine O'Neal (submitted by Reverend John)
  6. Artest to LAC, Maggette to CHA, Melvin Ely and Toronto's #1 draft pick (held by Charlotte) to SAC (submitted by kingme18)
Let's use this thread to discuss these proposals - the pros, the cons, the actual chances of them happening. Which trades make the Kings contenders with a couple years? Which set the table for extended long-term success?

(Note: There were some other nice trade proposals in the thread, including a Gasol idea or two, but nothing that really said to me, "This can get done." I'm still all ears for Gasol ideas, though.)