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So... the Detroit Game? Worst Ever this Year!

I've had a little more than a day to cool off after the Kings surprised me yet again at how poorly they try to compete with teams not named Atlanta or Philadelphia. While we all knew they would be in for a challenge against a Detroit team seething to exact revenge against Ron Artest, and featuring their newest addition in Chris Webber, I had hoped the Kings wouldn't embarrass us with the whole world watching. Once again, we were left disappointed.

Where to begin? How about a few stats... (Download the Database)

  • The Kings' 74 points were the lowest all season... by NINE.
  • The Kings' 12 point first quarter tied the worst quarter all season.
  • The Kings' shooting percentage (35.5%) was the second worst for a game all season.
  • The Pistons' margin of victory (17) was the 4th biggest pounding the Kings have had all season.
  • The Kings' free throw percentage (53.3%), aside from being embarrassing? You guessed it... the worst, all season, by more than 10 full percentage points.
Yet, what makes this even worse is that our team doesn't seem phased by the fact that they went out there and stunk it up in a big way. In fact, in a story from AP, Ron-Ron had the 'nads to say that it was the Pistons who had gotten worse over time, not his own club.
"They're not as good as they used to be," he said. "I can't really point it out. I remember playing against another type of team."

Yay! Both classy and factual at the same time! Welcome to opposite land!

Before Ron-Ron and the rest of the Kings open their mouths again to knock the opposition, I hope they take a close look at what has happened to this team - one that just put up one of the biggest clunkers in recent memory. The next time I see a team scoring a mere 74 points, I better be watching a college game, and not this poor resemblance of an NBA squad.

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