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The Truly Insane King: Mike Bibby

I'm glad I didn't read The Bee until after I wrote my impressions of the game:

Asked if the crowd's response bothered him, the longest-tenured King [Bibby] admitted as much.

"If that's how they want to be, there's nothing I can do about it," he said. "I'm going to go out there and play the way I can. And if they don't like it, then that's them."

When the boo birds came out, the Kings:
  • ...had lost eight of the last nine,
  • ...stood a game below .500 at home,
  • ...sat eight games under .500 on the season,
  • ...were in sole possessions of last place in the division,
  • ...had the seventh worst record in the entire NBA,
  • ...were losing to a mediocre Eastern Conference team without two of their starters at home by 20 points, and
  • ...were showing less effort than Rosie O'Donnell did preparing for the Boston Marathon.
But yeah, loyal Kings fans who dish out tons of money to be entertained are certainly asshats for complaining at that juncture. Totally. You tell 'em, Mike. You scold them for actually giving a f*ck enough to boo in that situation.

This comment infuriates me more than anything Ron Artest has ever done in purple. It almost makes me hope when the trades start to fall (which they will, barring a miracle run over the next month) that Bibby is shipped to a truly angry city, like Philadelphia or Boston. Let's see how you feel about being booed then, boss.