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Kenny Thomas Just Misses All-Star Spot

According to and other wire reports, the final votes are in for the 2007 All-Star game, and contrary to our wide-eyed expectations, no Sacramento Kings were selected to represent the Western Conference in Las Vegas, despite a vigorous campaign led by the Kings in support of writing in Kenny Thomas and Kevin Martin to the squad.

The NBA has only released the top ten vote getters at each position in each conference, and the Kings' leading recipient was Brad "Headband" Miller, who finished 8th in the center voting, garnering  186,230 votes, just slightly behind Houston's Yao Ming, who was selected with 2,451,718 votes, leading the entire conference.

Though I can't verify the absolute placement for our dear Kenny Thomas, I'll start a rumor that he finished 11th, so long as there are no follow-up questions.

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