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Game 43 - at Memphis

Since I have a headache thanks to that long-ass post earlier, an abbreviated game thread for a rather uninteresting game.

The tempo will be quick, the shots will be bricks, and the outcome will be unknown. I think this is a close game a la at Boston, though Gasol should have his way in the paint.

Brad Miller seems to play well against Memphis, for some reason. Look for him to be able to pass to the guards cleanly.

If Shareef doesn't get 30 minutes, I will scream.

If Mike Miller goes for 30+ points, I will scream.

Otherwise, I'm open-minded. I don't want the Kings to lose, because that means Kings players played poorly. Contrary to what my recent posts may indicate, I'm a proponent of being entertained.

Mike Bibby turning the ball over is not entertaining. Kenny Thomas being Kenny Thomas is not entertaining. Losing, by and large, is not entertaining.

That said, this game has decent ramifications in the race for a top 3 pick. Hmm...