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Justin Williams, Sacramento King.

I could not be more thrilled to post right now: Justin Williams is again a Sacramento King.

According to Mike Schmidt at the insanely valuable DraftExpress, Williams will sign a 10-day contract with the Kings and be available for action Thursday night against the Lakers. This is standard protocol: when you want to bring in a minor league player midseason, you sign him to a 10-day, renew that 10-day, and then guarantee it for the year. This is done in case something happens (an injury, Lord forbid) in those 20 days. It's a CYA strategy.

My feelings on Williams as a prospect are very well documented.

Williams has been a beast in the D-League, earning 12.3 rebounds per game in 31 minutes, including 5 offensive boards a game. He's also had 3.08 blocks per game, and shot over 55% to score a bit over 12 ppg. He's not Dwight Howard, but he's not Maurice Taylor either.

I really hope we see Williams for a few minutes Thursday, if only we can hear the absolute explosion that will occur in ARCO if dude gets a block on a Laker. Quincy who?