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Game 44 - at Minnesota

The end of the last substantial road trip of the season is here. Don't worry - there are plenty more road games. It's just that they're lumped in between home games. Awesome.

To the business:


PG - Mike Bibby's 2006-07 FG%: 39.1. He's trying to get to 40%. Maybe he'll hit it by March.
SG - Kevin Martin will not be named to the All-Star team this evening, and that's OK with me.
SF - Ron Artest's 2006-07 FG%: 43.3 - better than his career average (41.8).
PF - Oh, Kenny Thomas! How you giveth and taketh.
C  - Brad Miller is passing the ball well. I wish he were also doing something else well.

PG - Mike James! Who? Mike James! Who?
SG - Ricky Davis likes to get buckets.
SF - Trenton Hassell's defense doesn't get enough pub. If he's on Martin, the Kings should be out of it early.
PF - Kevin Garnett is a man among sperm.
C  - Mark Blount! Quincy Douby! The High Times Bud Bowl!

Minnesota by 5. Very reasonable bet. Minnesota has a suffocating defense, and Sacramento likes to suffocate itself at the end of games.

Justin Williams has not played in a week, despite the waiving of two-time starter Maurice Taylor. SO weird.

Why is everyone taking Geoff Petrie's statements to assume Eric Musselman is on the hot seat? Anyone who pays attention to Petrie knows he was saying nothing more than "I'm not talking about Coach's job." If he's going to fire Muss, it'll be when we least expect it.

Anyways, 6p start. Enjoy.