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A Justin Williams Primer

New King Justin Williams won't suit up until Saturday at the earliest. But it's not too early to get a good statistical glimpse at the type of player Williams is.

First, his college years at the University of Wyoming:

YEAR   MIN   PTS   REB   TO   BLK   PF   FG%   FT%
2005  23.5   8.9   6.4  1.7   2.9  3.3  .571  .604
2006  30.0  11.1  11.0  2.7   5.4  3.1  .515  .558

In 2006 (or last season), Williams was #2 in the nation in block percentage. When he was on the floor, he blocked a whopping 18.3 percent of all opponent two-point attempts. For comparison's sake, Duke's Shelden Williams ("The Landlord") blocked 9.5 percent of opponent two-point attempts, and Golden State lottery pick Patrick O'Bryant of Bradley had a block% of 12. Chicago's Tyrus Thomas (a top five pick) had a block% of 11.9. So yeah, Williams can block some shots.

He immediately becomes the Kings' best rebounder and shotblocker. If Eric Musselman is going to bench Kevin Freaking Martin for defensive purposes, I daresay Williams might get some Brad Miller minutes next week. My hopes aren't too high - the team, of course, cut Williams in favor of Maurice Taylor. But having a young, exciting big for a change is kind-of nice.