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There are literally millions of things I could write at this moment concerning the game. Luckily for you, I'll limit it to 10.

  1. Season ticket holders: Stop selling your seats to Lakers fans. I know you fork over tons of cash for those tickets and you reserve the right to sell them to whomever you please. But I almost threw up hearing "MVP" chants as Kobe was going off at ARCO Arena. Stop.
  2. When the hell are the Kings going to start running some plays for Kevin Martin? He's one of the best shooters in the league. Try to get him the ball, please.
  3. I disliked Charles Barkley's repetitive commentary a great deal. He needs his foils to be good.
  4. I'd typically feel damn good if you told me Mike Bibby (85%) and Kevin Martin (91%) had chances to win the game from the line. Of course, against the Lakers, what can go wrong, will go wrong. Missing those was a fluke, though - Martin is an elite FT shooter, and Bibby is traditionally very good from the line down the stretch.
  5. I really like Francisco Garcia, because I think he can be a special defender and he's fast as hell, which is something the team on a whole lacks. However, he has not yet been able to find his range from long distance in the pros. I know he was a great deep shooter at Louisville, but in Sacramento, he kills us on offense. He almost looks too hyper on offense, like he's antsy to get something done.
  6. Was this payback for the improbable home win last season, when Lamar Odom could've sealed the game by running down the clock, and he instead drove to the hoop with 17 seconds on the shot clock and lost it out-of-bounds?
  7. Corliss Williamson was clearly the Kings' most effective player, which is alternately heartwarming and frightening.
  8. To answer pyro's game thread question, Mike Bibby seems to appear to possibly be back.
  9. Ron Artest would've been useful in overtime. He's going to take this game personally, I think.
  10. I hate the Lakers. Seriously.
I could go on for days, honestly. Maybe Saturday I'll actually analyze some of the key sequences or something. I can't stand to think about it anymore though.