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New Rumor: Heat Interested in Artest, Bibby

Since it just wouldn't be right to not have a trade rumor or two out there, now that the LA Clippers/Maggette discussions for Artest have slipped away with little more than the bitter aftertaste of a pharmacist's cough syrup, I thought I'd pass along this little tidbit from the Miami Herald, which likely won't get any traction at all, given it sounds like the Kings still don't want to play ball. (No pun intended)

According to league sources, the Heat has inquired about acquiring the Clippers' Corey Maggette in a trade as recently as last week, and the team also has expressed interest in acquiring Ron Artest from Sacramento, or possibly Mike Bibby if the Kings choose to trade the point guard and his large contract. Neither the Clippers nor Kings, though, have demonstrated much interest in what the Heat has to offer.

Despite our team's obvious struggles, which don't require much insight beyond realizing you just are NOT supposed to lose to a Portland team at home after they come in on a four-game losing streak... are we getting the feeling that Petrie and the Maloofs are willing to stand pat? They're not showing interest in the Heat's inquiry, and Elgin Baylor made it absolutely clear the Kings were the ones who stopped discussions for Maggette.

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