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Kenny Thomas, Scoring Machine.

While we're on the subject of the one and only Kenneth Cornelius Thomas, I'm reminded of one of Charles Barkley's more astute Thursday night comments:

"Kenny Thomas can flat out score. He's a flat-out scorer. I played with him in Houston. He can flat out score."

Indeed! To wit:

  • Among 187 NBA players on pace to end the season with enough minutes to qualify for postseason awards, Kenny Thomas ranks a luscious #177 in points per 40 minutes. He is scoring 9.1 points per 40, more than noted offensive wizards Trenton Hassell, Ben Wallace, and Eric Snow!
  • In free throw shooting, Kenny also ranks #177 in the league (also out of 187). His 50% mark outpaces NBA poet laureate Etan Thomas and two-time MVP Shaquille O'Neal! Oh my!
  • Kenny is an incredible 3rd in the league in turnover ratio! This means Kenny produces more turnovers per possession than any players in the league not named DeSagana Diop and Joel Pryzbilla!
  • And finally, Kenny's coup de grace: he's #163 out of 187 in the league in PER! Wow, just wow! Who'd of thunk this scrawny kid from Albuquerque could accomplish so much?!
So while we commend Eric Musselman for starting Kenny in every game he has played, we have to wonder aloud why he isn't getting more minutes? Kenny only played 22 minutes Saturday against Portland, which served to limit him to just 3 points and one rebound. Musselman obviously needs to give Kenny a chance to perform. Without minutes, how can Kenny keep up the high standards he has set in the first part of this season?

Free Kenny!