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Give Mo Taylor A Chance

The Bee's Sam Amick has a terrific look at Maurice Taylor's big impact during the Portland game.

Proving size does matter after all in Kings land, Maurice Taylor had his New Year's resolution come true just one week into the new calendar.

More minutes for "Big Mo" came in an overtime loss to Portland on Saturday, when the 6-foot-9, 265-pounder used his width and pent-up energy to help down low. In 13 minutes, he had six rebounds, two assists and a block.

Amick fails to mention the two plays that truly stand out in my mind as to Taylor's impact on the game:
[POR 87-91] 4thQ, 4:43 left: Taylor Jump Shot: Missed
[POR 89-93] 4thQ, 1:22 left: Taylor Jump Shot: Missed

That was the most surprising thing about the loss to Portland: down the stretch of a tight game, the Kings were putting the ball in an elite offensive players' hands. Yet the big fella, who is shooting a solid .188 from the floor this season, couldn't connect from 18-feet.

Usually, when you have a guy like "Big Mo" Taylor taking the big jumpshots for you in crunch time, you win those games. It just wasn't meant to be for the Kings on Saturday.

That doesn't mean you abandon the strategy, though: I hope Coach Musselman shows renewed confidence in Mo in the future, and sets up some plays that springs Taylor free from the left elbow. Maybe we can have scrubs like Kevin Martin set some screens for Taylor, and let Mo use his superior shooting touch to get the Kings back on track for the playoffs.

That's why those plays had the biggest impact Saturday - we got to see some plays that can work in the near future. Now, if only Muss can find some minutes for Big Mo...