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More Crazy Martin Hype

An old high school rival of Kevin Martin - LeBron James - is in town. And while everyone in the conscious world knows all about how good LeBron is, people have not yet awakened to the gloriousness of KevMar.

Sam Amick boosts the case for more KevMar:

Martin continues to lead the Kings in scoring (21.2 points per game) and is third in the league in true shooting percentage (64.9) -- the combination of field-goal, three-point and free-throw percentages. Yet he is third on the team behind Mike Bibby and Ron Artest in shot attempts (13.2, to Bibby's 15.3 and Artest's 14 per game).

Clearly, Martin deserves more shots. Anyone with a dollop of brain matter acknowledges that. Right?
"He's a player who's growing into his own, and he's shooting more shots now, probably, than anyone thought he would be at the beginning of the year," [Coach Eric] Musselman said. "So I think his growth is going in the right direction. I think a lot of the reason he shoots a high percentage, too, is because he gets a lot of quality shots. If you shoot more, does that mean your percentage is going to continue to stay where it is?"

Earth to Musselman: Abort mission! Abort mission! No, if KevMar starts chucking up 30 shots a game, he will not maintain his top 3 true shooting percentage. But how many shots would dude have to take to drop his TS% to, say, 51.1% (#143 Mike Bibby) or 50.1% (#156 Ron Artest).

Do whatever you need to do to keep your volatile vets happy, sure. But to construct excuses out of nothing but ignorance to tear down your team's future? Stupid stupid stupid.

I like Musselman, and I've defended him rather vehemently. Comments like this - comments which serve no purpose other than to piss off your young star player - will push us away.