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Kobe Bryant Loves Spartan Arco Arena

In the pampered NBA lifestyle, players are accustomed to a certain style of living. Women, cars, fine food, and bling of all sorts are expected and often, delivered. But when visiting NBA squads come to Arco Arena, they aren't greeted with large flat-screen TVs, leather couches and roomy lockers. In fact, some whiny NBA players claim even the toilets and showers are sub-standard.

In a colorful piece issued by the Associated Press yesterday, we find that Arco Arena's visitors locker room is let's say... minimalist. While the Kings players have 42-inch plasma TVs and leather recliners, the opponents sit in squalor, with no TV and harsh folding chairs.

Is it part of why the Kings have historically dominated at Arco? Maybe. But the disparity definitely gets in the heads of some.

Jason Richardson says:

"I think this is the only arena in the NBA without lockers. It's pretty cramped, you're always bumping arms with the player dressing next to you."

Matt Barnes adds:

"This place just doesn't measure up, it ranks up there with the worst."

Even Chris Webber contributed to the dumping.

"Definitely, everyone knows this is one of the worst in the league."

Awww. Poor widdle Webby.

Interestingly enough, rival star Kobe Bryant has no issues with the situation at all, and can't see why anybody else does. In getting his game face on before games against the Kings, he can live without the distractions.

"I don't need a leather chair or a big TV. This reminds me of the locker rooms when I first started playing basketball. I'm a traditionalist. Look at that chalk board, the stains all over it. This is Arco. I love coming here. I don't want them to change a thing."

Sounds like the Kings are going to have to do more to distract Kobe before big games. Should they somehow get him reservations at the Motel 6 - real special like? Can they poison the Lakers' food before games? While the dungeon-like qualities of Arco can get into the heads of lesser men (I'm looking at you C-Webb...), at least for one guy, it's not working.