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Game 32 - vs Cleveland

The business:


PG - Mike Bibby is flirting with 40% in January. Why should I be cheering about this?
SG - The last five games for Kevin Martin: 14 pts on 11 FGAs, 25 pts on 11 FGAs, 12 pts on 7 FGAs, 21 pts on 12 FGAs, 22 pts on 13 FGAs. At some point, dude's going to snap.
SF - Meanwhile, Ron Artest has put together a string of three nice offensive games in a row. Yet, the Kings lost two of those? Does not compute.
PF - Kenny Thomas: handsome and talented.
C  - If the flu claims another Brad Miller performance, I'm FedExing a box of Airborne to the ranch.

PG - Eric Snow is a starting NBA point guard, and he is averaging 4.6 ppg. Does not compute.
SG - I'm really glad the Kings didn't take a gamble on Larry Hughes, instead taking a rental gamble on Bonzi Wells. Hughes has been a costly mistake for the Cavaliers.
SF - LeBron James cannot hold Kenny Thomas' jock.
PF - Drew Gooden: a blind man's Carlos Boozer.
C  - Sometimes, when I'm sad, I try to spell the name of Zydrunas Ilgauskas without looking. It's fun.

It's Sacramento at -3. If you bet on Sacramento with that line, you're a silly man who deserves to lose his monies.

It is important for this game to be decided in regulation. If it goes to overtime, the Kings will lose and possibly one million fans/locals will go insane instantly. We have already started to break. Please, please, let regulation decide the outcome.

F*ck the Lakers
F*ck Portland
This is not haiku
I hate basketball sometimes

Rollercoaster. Of crap. Rollercoaster. Of ooh ooh ooh. Your play is like a rollercoaster, baby baby. I want to die.